A Professional Design Brochure can increase your business by more than 25%.

In todays time where going digital is the norm when it comes to marketing, your products services or your business as a whole, its notable that the time span for a customer's attention to any digital visual medium is less than 5 secs which makes offline print media even more important to have a long lasting recall.

As per international surveys carried out by many independent marketing agencies across the world it is proven than professionally designed brochures can have a big impact ( as big as 25% ) on your business in a positive manner.

Whether its a annual report or a new product launch , a brochure can bring in lot of customers to your doorsteps but to make sure that they keep your brochures in their small desk for future reference , the brochure needs to be designed in a very professional and smart way.

An intelligent brochure can help your business immensely

1. Budget Friendly

For start-ups as well as MSMEs budget is one of the most important aspect when it comes to marketing their products and services. You can have very specific targeting and since people normally keep the brochures with them for future reference the recall is very high.

Even if the cost of getting a intelligent brochure designed is more, the average cost of a brochure is far much lesser as compared to a digital medium.

2. Business Specific Marketing

While digital medium is now needed by almost all the business in every possible sector you can think off, there are many industries which still require that personal touch point.

Industries like Engineering, Industrial Product Manufacturing Firms, Chemical Companies, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Companies etc need brochures and other print media more than ever.

So the importance of this print media makes it that much more important.

3. Descriptive Business Details

You cannot have a large post giving all the details of the product or service on a digital platform which limits the possibility of end customer learning about the product the way you want them to understand.

This bottleneck is taken care of by the brochure where in you can be as descriptive as possible.

4. Bang on Target

Your digital ad might go unnoticed or to the wrong audience but since brochures are specifically meant and sent to your potential clients, their conversion ratio will be higher compared to their cost.

Also you can target your exiting clients for further strengthening your brand in the minds of customers.

4. Strong Brand Recall

While you may forget about an ad you saw on digital media but something in print which is on your table for sometime will be in your mind for a longer duration.

When your client or potential customer reads your brochure even once , recall percentage of your company increases by leaps and bounds. It is only a matter of how smartly your brochure is designed to convey the right details and how viable is the product or service you are offering is to your potential customer.

All this brings us to one important question?

How to decide how much to spend on brochure design?

Calculation is actually very simple.

Follow the below steps and you will get how much you should pay for a brochure.


Just see how much additional business ( yearly ) do you think you can or might get ( in monetary terms ) if you have a professional and smart brochure designed by an affordable but also not the cheapest graphic design firm in the market.


Now once you have had a rough figure in your mind about the value of business that this brochure will bring in annually. Now take 2% of this amount .. that should be a rough estimate of what you can spend on designing the brochure.

The percentage may vary from business to business.

At www.rubndraw.com we design intelligent brochures which give the most relevant information to your client in a visually appealing format.

We will help you decide which type of brochure you should go for based on your target audience and how you would distribute the brochure.

All this because we know that brochure is more than just some description copy pasted on a paper.

And yes we are affordable!!

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